According to a recent report Tencent Security, China has been detected virus-extortionist, who previously entered in more than one hundred public and private companies in the United States. Now he went to the international level. Criminals need the so-called ransom cryptocurrency.

 According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the malware, named Ryuk, aimed at logistics companies, technology companies and smaller municipalities, which have at their disposal a large amount of data. Attackers hacked sites and require payment in Bitcoins. The amount that the criminals extort the equivalent of $ 5 million.

 It is assumed that Ryuk is a modified version of the Hermes of the virus, which was discovered in August 2018. It applies the usual methods botneta and spam and penetrates through unprotected IP-address.

 After installing a malicious program removes all files associated with the invasion and kills antivirus processes, thereby concealing the fact of infection.

 FBI tracking the virus in 2018, and noticed a number of changes. It reported that Chinese version both triggers 32-bit and 64-bit unit.

 Earlier, representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine was told where kriptogrivna disappeared.

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